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Green Land Academy Modinagar
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Rules and Regulations

  • The forms for admission are available in the office during working hours on every working day.
  • For the authenticity of date of birth any of the following certificates shall be accepted:
    • Certificate by the municipality.
    • Certificate of the government hospital where the child was born.
    • Any other reliable certificate issued by a competent authority.
  • Morning assembly is conducted every day where attendance of all students is necessary.
  • School notice board with important information and news is maintained. It has to be read compulsorily by all.
  • Student has to follow the prescribed dress of his class.
  • The parents are advised that their wards do not have money with them while attending the school.
  • School authorities will not be responsible for the goods or money lost. Therefore no valuable should be in the possession of the children. Money should not be lent or borrowed or article exchanged.
  • No student is allowed keep MOBILE PHONES with him/her inside the school campus.
  • The school authorities undertake no responsibility for the safe conduct of student to-and-fro the school.
  • All the students must be in their seats before the teachers enter the class.
  • Students should take care of the school property. They should not write or scratch on desks, chairs, walls or door the school nor should they damage property belonging to others. Any damage done to the school property must be remitted by the offender.
  • A student who use unfair means during tests, will be given zero in the subject. Repetition of the same will result in dismissal. Any student who is found tampering with marks in the report card and other school certificates will be asked to leave the school.
  • Students should get their progress report cards signed by their parents or guardians and return them to the school authorities within 3 days of receipt.
  • Students and parents may not offer any gift to the teachers except with explicit permission of the Principal.
  • After the school hours, students are not expected to go to their friends’ houses for birthday parties etc from the school. They may go for such parties from their homes with permission of their parents.
  • Students are forbidden to bring cracker, explosive and other dangerous materials to the school.
  • Girls students should not wear ornaments and not allowed to apply nail polish and make up.
  • Parents will apply in written, if the children are required back home during school hours. No pupil will be sent home through any other party sent by parents.
  • No pupil may leave the school premises without the permission of the principal or in her absence from the vice-principal/ incharge.
  • No student shall be allowed to continue in school if he fails in the same class.